Contour/3D/ Standard Comp Tan Training

Advanced Tanning is fast becoming popular in the same way Brazilian waxing took over the Bikini.  All the fashion magazines rave about the ‘real life airbrushing’ that makes celebrities look up to 5kgs lighter on the red carpet.

Colour Me Bronze is offering a training course to teach you how to do Contour/3D Tanning/Standard Competition Tan Training.

3D Tanning is not all about just ‘painting abs on a person’… it’s about creating definition, shadowing, highlighting and blending.  3D Tanning is definitely not done with the same gun that ordinary tanning is done with.  So anybody that is teaching you the technique of 3D tanning with a normal gun is incorrect and you will not get the same outcome as being done with what is correct… a pencil airbrush for the defining and blending.

3D Spray Tanning and Contour Tanning are not the same technique either…  Contour Tanning can be done with the same gun that you spray tan normal tans with, but it will never give you the same effect as what a 3D spray tan can do… it can’t because the gun isn’t designed to do very thin pencil-lined strokes which is what is required to get a 3D tan effect correct.

We will be teaching you both methods.

Our courses are split inot two separate sections:  Theory and Practical.

We administer our theory part of our course via live webinar, where we run through the different modules of the course via a live presentation.  We split these up over several sessions so to ensure that you are understanding everything and not getting overloaded with inormation all in one hit.

The practical side is done face-to-face over a four hour period where you will be able to work on live “models” to perfect your spray tanning technique.

Subjects covered in our Standard Spray Tanning course:

  • Review of Standard Spray Tanning Method
  • Advantages of Contour Spray Tanning
  • Understanding the human body
  • Analysing muscle tone/definition
  • Use of lighting to control shadow
  • Why contouring works
  • Difference between contour tanning and shadow tanning
  • Difference between contour tanning with normal spray tan gun and pencil airbrush
  • Difference between contour tanning for female and male clients
  • Getting to know your pencil airbrush gun/machine
  • ‘Line and Blend’ technique
  • Gradual fading and blending technique using spray tan solution
  • Competition spray tanning
  • Why is a competition tan necessary
  • Competition Federations
  • The different divisions of competition tanning
  • Performance Tanning vs Regular tanning
  • Peformer Requirements
  • Troubleshooting Competition/Performance spray tans
  • Contouring the:
    • Back
    • Back of the shoulders and triceps
    • Waist
    • Buttocks
    • Hamstring and back of the calves
    • Side of the waist
    • Side of the arms
    • Side of the legs
    • Quads
    • Obliques
    • Stomach muscles
    • Biceps
    • Bingo wings
    • Cleavage
    • Front of shoulders
    • Collar bone
    • Jawline/face
    • Questions


Cost of the Contour/3D Tanning/Standard Comp Tanning course  – $550.

You must have a minimum of 24 months tanning experience or have completed our Standard Tanning course to be eligible for this course.

Models to be spray tanned during this course must be supplied by you.

You will receive a comprehensive training manual as well as 500ml of each of our four solutions – Colour Me Flirty, Colour Me Cheeky, Colour Me Spicy, Colour Me Risque.

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